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IT & Technical Services

IT Services

Guardian employs a full time in house IT department and does not outsource these services. This allows for:


  • 24 hour support of the monitoring centre and the secure equipment that monitors alarms.

  • Ensures continuity of services to our customers as well as discretion and protection of customers information.

  • Continual improvements and advancements in technology and IT Security.

  • Integrity and security of confidential information contained within the confines of our secure facility.

Remote Capabilities

Guardian has made a significant investment in remote arming and programming capabilties. This often reduces the requirement for staff or a technician to complete on-site technical work or physically turning on the alarm.


The technology has the ability to perform the following functions:


  • Remotely arm/disarm alarm systems*

  • Remotely change access codes*

  • Remotely programme various changes as required*

  • Remotely turn on/off relays*


*May depend on capatibility of the alarm system installed and functions enabled, charges apply.

Technical Services

The monitoring centre is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise. Guardian employs a Technical Services Coordinator to liasie with our customers and to coordinate our technicians should a site visit be required.

Guardian have qualified technical staff ready to assist in all matters relating to:


  • Alarm installations

  • Maintenance of existing systems

  • Upgrade of existing systems

  • CCTV Installations  


All work is performed by Vicwide Alarms Pty Ltd (Reg. 627-147-50S), a member of the Guardian Security Group. Vicwide Alarms Pty Ltd has qualified and licensed alarm installers and security advisers giving you peace of mind that the work performed will be of the highest standard.

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